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Sangachal Terminal

ST0209-SNG UHF System Upgrade


1) Trenching: Hand excavation of land to 1.1 m deep/ Laying 100mm sand layer on trench floor/ laying of cables/ Laying 350mm sand layer on cables/ Placing concrete protection tiles/ Laying 100mm sand layer on cables/ Placing yellow marked PVC strip/ Backfilling and compaction.

 2) Ductbank construction: Demolition Asphalt layer 100 mm deep/ Excavate 1.75 m deep for ductbank/ Construction of Ductbank/ Filling and Compaction 0.350m deep/ Construction 100 mm Asphalt.

3) Construction of Cable Ladder Support: Destruction of existing concrete layer/ Installation of reinforcement and new concrete layer / Installation of Cable posts.

4) DUCT WORKS: Destruct asphalt around existing concrete manhole cover/ Remove concrete manhole cover/ Pump water out of manhole chamber/ Excavate and install duct between manhole and existing cable ladder/ Install new rope between chambers/ Construct concrete plinth/ Construct new steel lid complete with access hatch / Re-instate asphalt around new concrete plinth.