We adhere to the highest international standards and apply up-to-date technologies and practices in our work. We build our operations upon the following fundamental principles to meet our customers’ high expectations and demands:

  • Health, safety and environment are our strict priority
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Delivery within agreed schedule
  • Flexible prices and cost-effectiveness
  • Individual approach to every client
Following these principles, we deliver projects in time within agreed budget, while maintaining high quality of our products and services. Our professional expertise has been confirmed by certification in the ISO 9001:2008 standards (Quality Management Systems). The approved scope of work includes:
  • Design, building and construction
  • Steel fabrication and installation of metal constructions
  • Procurement


The BCC Group of companies is an enterprise with vast experience in delivering engineering, construction, procurement and installation services as well as best quality products, materials, equipment and supplies at competitive prices. We constantly expand the range and diversity of our products and services to tailor them to our customers’ needs and requirements, while maintaining high quality of our operations including timely deliveries, cost-effectiveness and customer service.


Our vision is to operate BCC Group of companies as a leading products and services provider to satisfy consumers' demand. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by continually diversifying and improving quality of our services.   Quality assurance is of utmost importance to our company. Safety of operations is one of our priorities. Our safety policy could be best described as zero tolerance for any potentially hazardous activities.  Professionalism in all spheres of operations is a core value of BCC Group’s business based on continued investments in technology and human resources in order to remain competitive at today’s market.