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ADNSU and "BCC GROUP" signed a cooperation agreement.

On 3 March, the rector of the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University (ASOIU) Mustafa Babanli and general director of "BCC Group” Vugar Rzayev held a meeting. The sides discussed issues of cooperation and the introduction of innovations and achievements in the reforms carried out at the University.

Bringing to the attention that today one of the priority issues is practical training of the students at the enterprises, professor M. Babanlı  gave information about the smart boards, laser pointers and special paints used in the university and spoke about the importance of the introduction of such innovations in the university and in the country.

"As an educational institution we have a lot of innovative projects and we are ready to cooperate with the creative-minded companies for its implementation. For this, it’s foremost importance for us to know the needs of the business and to prepare future employees. We want to ensure practical training of the students in the enterprises "- the rector, Professor M. Babanlı said.

As "BCC Group" general director Vugar Rzayev mentioned, he was very pleased to visit the University which he graduated from. Being aware of the events and reforms taking place in ASOIU and considering high importance of cooperation with the university, V.Rzayev mentioned that all conditions will be created by the company for the training of students.The sides signed a cooperation agreement after the meeting.



"BCC Group" company has started work on a new project of "Sangachal terminal surface water drainage works".

"BCC Group" company has started work on a new project of "Sangachal terminal surface water drainage works". The work is to be carried out at stations and drainage channels of the “Azeri-Chirag-Gunashli” Phase 2 field.

In addition, excavation works, installation of concrete slabs and repair of cracks have been started. According to the scope of the project the new drainage channel will be 840 meters long. Based on the amount of work it’s planned to install 1,200 m2 of concrete formwork and 1,500 m3 volume of excavation works. As mentioned by “BCC Group” LLC's qualified chief engineer Asad Gurbanov, the new construction project will be completed in March.


"BCC GROUP" has been nominated as a prize-winner for "Azeri Business Award" 2016.

In the end of 2016  BCC Group LLC  has been nominated as a prize-winner for "Azeri Business Award"-2016 in the field of  Fuel and Energy Complex Construction.

The presentation ceremony of national "Azeri Business Award" as per results of the year took place in December. Representatives from more than 100 leading companies, diplomatic officials, foreign guests and media representatives came togetherin the award presentation ceremony. The event was organized by the monthly business magazine "Business Time". The "Azeri Business Award" ceremony is recognized as one of the most influential and important events in the business life of Azerbaijan.


"BCC GROUP" opened a new office building in Baku.

On May 10, 2016, the day of national leader Heydar Aliyev's birthday, "BCC GROUP" which have signed for several large and successful projects in the construction sector for 15 years, opened a new office building. The company's office fully meets modern quality and safety requirements and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Founder and CEO of the company, Vugar Rzayev, cut the red ribbon of the new office and gave the blessing to all the staff.




Project of Wildlife Fencing installation in Hajigabul region.

   "BCC GROUP" started work on a new project implementation in Hajigabul region. The new project  is carried out in the territory of  Ranjbar  station of the Baku- Supsa pipeline. The work for  provision of hot dip galvanized  fencing for 700 meters distance has started in the area.

 There will be carried out a number of construction and earth works, as well as the installation of  special security and emergency gates.  As stated  by “BCC Group”  Head of working team, the construction and installation  works on the  project will be completed by the end of the year.




Construction and Installation division of "BCC GROUP" started Workshop Roof Upgrade project.


In September 2015 , Construction and Installation division  of  "BCC Group" started  Workshop Roof Upgrade project  located at  Sangachal Terminal. The total area of renovation is 1300 m2, which is equipped with materials conforming to International  Quality Standards. The project will be fully completed  in mid- November. The customer expressed satisfaction with the quality of the work and activities of the company.





"BCC GROUP" completed construction work for "Caspian Shipyard Company".

Recently, "BCC Group"s  construction and installation  division has successfully completed the construction project for "Caspian Shipyard Company" Ltd. and Istiglal Drilling Rig Upgrade project.  As per  work schedule, 11 bollards were handed over according to proposed plan at "Caspian Shipyard Company"  North, South and Central areas. Customers were satisfied  with the activities, quality and safety issues of the work execution.

During this project, "BCC Group" was responsible for carrying out of the design, drilling, piling, concreting , welding as well as preparation of statistical reports as per the agreement. It was finished in full compliance with the terms and conditions of  the agreement.

In addition, we would like to remind  that "BCC GROUP" has extensive experience in the implementation of construction projects for the oil and gas industry. Project manager of "BCC Group," Orhan Nazirli says:

- Our extensive capabilities cover resources, professional experience and modern technologies required for design and commissioning of various projects. Fabrication and installation of anchoring  facilities can be carried out by our professional and experienced staff in any areaprovided by the customer. We have mobilized potential opportunities to build any structures depending on the size and complexity of projectsand it is good to note that the company's president, Mr. Vugar Rzayev has ensured all conditions for implementation of these projects in accordance with modern standards  and now we have capabilities, human resources and technology that allow us to carry out even larger projects in the future.



"BCC GROUP" completed Fabrication project for "Caspian Pipe Coatings" LLC.

Fabrication Division of "BCC Group"  has recently successfully performed construction project for "Caspian Pipe Coatings LLC" (CPC) and completed fabrication of 12 administrative container offices with service facilities at the "CPC" plant in Baku.

The scope of work under the contract included design, engineering, procurement, transportation, construction and installation of four portable cabins, eight modular buildings, a kitchen and a bathroom with total floor area over 300 sq.m, as well as associated levelling, compacting and internal and external electrical works. In addition, "BCC Group" was responsible for transportation and installation of sandwich panels, doors, windows and various equipment including air conditioning systems and fire heat detectors and alarms.

“BCC Group" has an extensive experience in performing construction projects for the oil and gas industry. The company turnkey capabilities encompass resources, expertise and technology necessary to deliver services from the project design to commissioning,” comments Orkhan Nazirli, Project Manager of "BCC Group". “Prefabrication and installation operations can be carried out by our qualified personnel either at our own fabrication yard or any area provided by the client. Our fabrication workshops are fully equipped with facilities, which allow us to fabricate and install structures of any size and complexity depending on the project requirements.”

On the photo: Representatives of  "BCC Group" Fabrication Team led by Orkhan Nazirli (in the center) are justifiably proud of the project successfully completed at the "CPC" site. 


"BCC GROUP" Extends its Presence in Africa.

In December 2014, "BCC Group" and "Emerald S.A." established "Caspian Group Angola S.A." joint venture (Caspian Group). This new entity is strategically located in Luanda, the country capital and currently operates as a regional supplies provider for Southern Africa. In the long term, the company intends to expand activities to encompass the whole range of services offered by "BCC Group" in other countries from the provision of high-quality materials and equipment to technical support and customer service.

"BCC Group" first entered the quickly growing African market a few years ago by establishing a company in Mozambique to serve customers in Southeast Africa. The new company allows "BCC Group" to enhance the presence in the region and provide supply services to the Angolan industry with a special emphasis on the needs of construction and the oil and gas sectors.


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