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We adhere to the highest international standards and apply up-to-date technologies and practices in our work. We build our operations upon the following fundamental principles to meet our customers’ high expectations and demands:

Following these principles, we deliver projects on time and within an agreed budget, while maintaining high quality of our products and services. Our professional expertise has been confirmed by certification of ISO 9001:2008 standards (Quality Management Systems). The approved scope of work includes:


HSE and Quality Management

Health, Safety and Environment

At BCC Group, we hold safety as a core value and are committed to the principle No Damage to Environment, No Harm to Health of Our Employees and Other People. We have developed a robust corporate safety culture and promote an incident-free work environment through raising awareness of, and conducting Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) training for our employees.

We recognize that effective HSE management can significantly contribute to the company's success. Every project prior to commencement is subject to a detailed risk assessment and all our operations are regulated by company HSE Management System. In compliance with the highest international HSE standards we base our work on the following guidelines:



BCC Group conducts all activities in compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 standarts. Quality is controlled and maintained at each stage of the work from the very beginning through to the commissioning and handover of the project. To meet customers’ requirements in terms of safety, quality, reliability, cost and terms of delivery, BCC Group has developed and is continuously improving Quality Management System (QMS). QMS provides procedures and documentation for constant quality control, measurement and analysis with a view of continual improvement of our products and services. Our Quality Manual applies to all work processes including planning, engineering, construction, purchasing, production, commissioning, installation, delivery, supplies, sales and services.


Consistent with our commitments to ensure provision of high-quality products and services, management of BCC Group has identified strategies to achieve this goal:




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